RE/MAX Priority is happy to help you make one of the most important decisions of your life. Our agents will provide professional advices in choosing the right home for you. Even when you don't have the time to meet with one of our agents, will assist you with the first steps of your home buying experience. We hope to be a part of your home buying experience. Our goal is to give you the appropriate guidance to avoid any stress while making this wonderful decision.

1. Define Your Budget
Review your income, savings, and debt before figuring out your ideal budget. Other things to consider are:
             -   Gross income
             -   Fund available for the down payment, closing costs, and cash reserves required by the lender
             -   Your debt
             -   Your credit history
             -   The type of mortgage you select
             -   Currect interest rates

2. Find Your Perfect Home
Consider your lifestyle to create a prioritized list of features to narrow your search. Use the search tool in the main menu above. Remember the difference between "must-haves" and "nice-to-haves". 

3. Make an Offer
Leave this process up to the professionals at RE/MAX Priority. The financial as well as the contractual side of the purchase varies in length and difficulty. Making multiple offers on the same home is not uncommon. Rely on your real estate agent to represent your offer to the homeowner. Refrain from any personal contact with the homeowner in order to limit disclosing important information about your move, your current housing status, financial status, and your feelings about that particular property. Disclosing these information can drastically affect the negotiation strategy. 

4. Moving In
When the closing date is in sight, you must hire a home inspector to be assured that the house meets all city's and state's standard of living. This important step can save you thousands of dollars on fixing any potential problems. Also, you must consider homeowner's insurance. RE/MAX Priority is more than happy to assist you with this step.